Design Your Short Term Rental

in 6 simple steps


STEP 1: Select your package

First, select the level of package you want: Standard, Designer, or Luxury. These levels indicate the quality and quantity of furnishings you’d like for your space. “Standard” is the most basic, while “Luxury” is the most elevated. Our package pricing is based on square footage, so be sure to select the option that corresponds to the size of your home. (To note: Don’t forgot to account for your patio if you’d us to design your outdoor spaces.)

step 2: select your add-ons

Next, select any add-on kits that will make the process easier for you. From tabletop to electronics, we have you taken care of.

step 3: CHECKOUT

With your packages selected, it’s checkout time. You can pay upfront or select a payment plan — whatever works best for you.

step 4: COMPLETE YOUR property Q&A

Once you’ve booked your service, your designer will be in touch with a quick property Q&A. This is a really simple but insightful survey that helps us discover the aesthetic you love and the type of guest you want to attract. This information will help us create a design board to ensure the final product matches your vision.

step 5: approve your design plan

Our design solutions are custom for each property. Within 48 hours, your designer will circle back with a design board for your home showcasing the types of furnishings and elements that will complete the space. Your package comes with 2 design board revisions in case you want to make any adjustments.

step 6: enjoy

With design board approved, sit back and enjoy. The Mayker Interiors team will source, receive, inspect, install, and style your space within 3 weeks. Want to know more about the process timeline? Just go here.